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Geo Ceiling Shade

Image of Geo Ceiling Shade

A Scandinavian chic design, Geo is inspired by 1950's colour palette and geometric patterns, influenced by Fine Artist, Kandinsky.

The Geo Ceiling Shade is a perfect home decor accessory, especially if you love Scandinavian style.

This geometric print has been designed to bring calming retro colours, and gentle graphic pattern designs into your interior space.

Your bedroom, living room, home office, or study are ideal rooms for this ceiling shade's style.
Choose from six sizes to create the ideal lighting statement for your room's scale and ceiling height.

Tie in the mustard, light pink and grey colours of the Geo ceiling shade with complimenting painted walls within each room. Create a simply Scandinavian atmosphere for family and friends to enjoy.

Materials: 100% Linen, 100% PVC Fire Retardant Lining

*Please Note: This product has a 3 week lead time.*
Bespoke sizes and colours available.
Please get in contact to discuss further.

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