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Pretty Flower Lavender Eye Pillow, Dusky Lavender

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The Pretty Flower Lavender Eye Pillow is the perfect gift idea for a calm night’s sleep.

If you are feeling worn out and tired, the Lavender Eye Pillow placed over your eyes when you want to relax is a brilliant remedy. This yoga and meditating gift accessory can be used to help reduce anxiety and stress, as well as be seen as a non-medical anti-depressant, which is perfect for our well-being.

Plus this Lavender Eye Pillow can be a useful accessory if you suffer with headaches. Lavender is a natural aromatherapy scent to help revive tired eyes, whilst creating a calming, and soothing environment for you to breath in, calm the mind or even meditate in.

Materials: Pretty Flower pattern design screen printed onto 100% linen, with a complimenting 100% linen reverse. Each Lavender Eye Pillow is filled with 100% UK grown lavender.

Dimensions: 7cm (h) x 20cm (w)